High-performance fibres for MaXafe lashing down the heaviest loads

50-mm power packs secure the most heavy loads


To further improve handling and efficiency when securing heavy machinery, SpanSet is now using a variety of high-performance fibres for load security. Fibres with low elongation, high tensile strength and cut and abrasion resistance are of particular advantage with regard to stop systems and load security. This is because they combine extraordinary mechanical properties and low weight.


The latest development “MaXafe” introduced at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hannover is such a future-oriented lashing system for heavy loads: high-performance fibres have a distinctive property profile. They possess, amongst others, extremely high tensile strength. What also makes MaXafe impressive is its extraordinarily low elongation of 2% maximum - according to norms and standards a lashing strap can have up to 7% maximum elongation. The new lashing strap with a width of only 50 mm features the same strength as a common 75-mm lashing system, but is lighter due to a reduction in material and weight, and therefore easier to handle.


SpanSet offers this heavy duty ratchet lashing system in 2 versions with diverse end fittings: one with a lashing capacity of LC 5 000 and a strap width of 50 mm, and another with high strength end fittings a double-layered harness strap as per the carlash principle, with a permitted lashing capacity of LC 10 000 and a strap width of 50 mm.


Ill. 1 [download]: The 50mm-heavy duty ratchet lashing system MaXafe shows extremely high tensile strength and low elongation. It is much lighter than a common 75-mm lashing system.


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