Ratchet Lashing 35mm, LC 500daN

Ratchet Lashing 35mm, LC 500daN

Item Number: 2021112
SSID ERP Code: 1804/1-2M-16
SpanSet Ratchet Lashing 1804 Endless, 2m. Webbing Width 35mm, Color Orange.
  • Manufactured in accordance to EN 12195-2
  • Made from highest grade material
  • Unique Serial Number on each single product for traceability and inspection record
  • Optional accessories are available to improve load securing application
  • Supplied with Certificate of Conformance, Product Identification Label and User Manual book
  • Available in standard and customized length

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Product Technical Information

  • Norms: EN 12195-2: 2001
  • Webbing Width B: 35
  • Label Protection: Yes
  • Colour: orange
  • Webbing Material: 100% Polyester, thermofixed and low-stretch
  • Main Material: Polyester
  • Lashing Type: One-piece
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1
  • Lashing Capacity: 500 daN

Product downloads and manuals

Instruction Manual
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Instruction Manual_2
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Technical Drawings

Item Number Item Name Weight Net Dimension L1
SSID ERP Code: 1804/1-2M-16
1804/1-2M-16 0.8 kg 2 m
SSID ERP Code: 1804/1-4M-16
1804/1-4M-16 1.2 kg 4 m
SSID ERP Code: 1804/1-6M-16
1804/1-6M-16 1.6 kg 6 m
SSID ERP Code: 1804/1-8M-16
1804/1-8M-16 2 kg 8 m
SSID ERP Code: 1804/1-10M-16
1804/1-10M-16 2.3 kg 10 m
SSID ERP Code: 1804/1-12M-16
1804/1-12M-16 2.8 kg 12 m