Access, Egress, Rescue from
Confined Space Training

This module-based training is designed for workers who want to use the equipment all over their body when entering restricted areas that are difficult to pass, egress, and rescue.

When the training has been completed, they are required to be able to carry out all checks and use the tools used when entering a restricted area, such as to lift, raise, and also save themselves and other workers, from the restricted area.

The training will cover the use of tripods and davits as anchors, cranes and rope lifting systems, lowering and recovering in the event of a work accident for rescue work.


  • Understand the implications of being suspended in a confined space harness and the importance of rescue provision when working at height and operating in a confined space
  • Understand the different approaches to Work position and the benefits of using a tripod, winch and recovery block when carrying out certain confined space operations
  • Identify the key components needed for Access, egress and rescue from a confined space including their strengths and limitations
  • The regulations regarding inspection of the work position system
  • The implications associated with being suspended in a harness
  • Post rescue care.


  • Correctly fitting and adjusting a confined space harness.
  • Inspection of a tripod, winch and recovery block.
  • Correctly Assemble a tripod, winch and recovery block.
  • Correct use of the equipment to perform a controlled lift and lower of an operative into a confined space.
  • Correct use of the equipment to perform a rescue of an unconscious casualty from a confined space.
  • Optional extra include: Vertical lift using a stretcher.

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