Rescue Training

This is a practical-based module designed for workers at height and who need to use a pre-assembled rescue and evacuation kit as part of an on-site emergency provision.

Upon completion of the course, they will be able to do pre-use checks of the equipment, set up equipment for their personal use, carry out the evacuation of themselves and a conscious, or unconscious casualty.

They will also be given an awareness of different harness options for casualties not wearing a full-body harness.


  • Understand the implications of being suspended in a harness and the importance of rescue provision when working at height.
  • Have a basic understanding of the different approaches to rescue and how the rescue kit fits into a hierarchy of options, e.g. improvised planned and emergency services.
  • Understanding the importance of personal safety whilst carrying out rescue.
  • The problems associated with suspension trauma.
  • Post rescue care and handover to a first aider or the emergency services.
  • Identification of the key components for the rescue kit and their strengths and limitations.
  • The ability to assess the situation and select the appropriate recovery technique, i.e. anchor point selection and suitable points of safety harness attachment.


  • Correctly fitting and adjustment of a fall arrest harness.
  • Correct use of double and/or single fall arrest lanyards for personal safety whilst traversing and rescuing.
  • The importance of casualty management and the application of temporary aids.
  • Installation of the rescue kit from a position of safety and attachment to the casualty.
  • Use of the rescue kit to raise and lower an unconscious suspended casualty.
  • Correct use of the equipment to ensure a controlled lower from height of the casualty.
  • Use of the kit to perform an emergency evacuation from a structure.
  • Optional elements include: remote deployment, use in conjunction with a stretcher and establishing a guideline for lowering the casualty.

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