High-strength polyester websling with reinforced loops

  • Transparent polyurethane coating offers high protection against abrasion and wear.
  • Integrated edge protection makes the lifting belts more durable.
  • Full-surface loop reinforcement protects against chafing in the crane hook.
  • Load capacity information is sewn onto the strap in a raised position.
  • Equipped with a protected, tear-resistant label.

Measurable load capacity

With these flat slings it is possible to ‘measure’ the load capacity.

The weaving pattern of the strap changes every 30 mm, and each „strip“ indicates a nominal carrying capacity of 0.5 t per layer, e. g.: 2-ply flat sling, 90 mm wide = 3 x 30 mm x 2 layers = 3 t load capacity.


RFID optional

Attachment strap for retrofitting

All SpanSet gear can be fitted with an RFID transponder for asset management with IDXpert.


Protective sleeve label

Optimally protected, reinforced with a lining

In addition to the tear-resistant design with a fabric lining, a robust plastic sleeve perfectly protects the writing from abrasion and dirt. In lifting gear fitted with an RFID transponder, the transponder is integrated into the protective sleeve and is tear-resistant.


Flat sling loop reinforcement

Added protection against abrasion

Loops have to withstand a great deal of stress during lifting, hooking in and hook- ing out. The solution: loop reinforcement made of high-performance fibres. Thanks to the robust fibre layer, the load-carrying fabric is much more resistant to abrasion, thus prolonging its service life.


Reinforced edges

Resistant to wear and abrasion

Extremely hard-wearing high-tech black spun yarn is woven into the edges of the slings. They provide an easily recognisable protection against chafing on the edge of the strap. Your benefit: longer service life and lower costs!


Woven load capacity indicator

Easy to read even when dirty

Speed is often of the essence in everyday work. To make sure you always use the right round sling, the load capacity indicator is firmly woven into the sleeve and can be read even when the sling is very dirty.

PowerStar Lifting Websling

Made of high-strength polyester yarns with transparent polyurethane coating offers up to 3-fold increased protection against abrasion and wear.
  • Integrated edge protection makes the lifting belts more durable.
    In our high-performance products, enormously abrasion-resistant high-tech yarns made of spun black yarn are woven into the outer area of the belts. They form a clearly visible additional protection against chafing at the belt edge.
  • Reinforced Loops
    The loops of a lifting sling are subjected to heavy loads. When lifting, attaching and detaching, the material rubs against the crane hook every time. The solution: a loop reinforcement made from high-performance yarns.
  • Load capacity information is sewn onto the belt.
    This means that the load capacity is still legible even if the sling is heavily soiled.

  • Protected, tear-resistant label, with protective tube.

Product downloads and manuals

Flatsling Instruction Manual
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