SpanSet anti-slip mat Grip-S

SpanSet anti-slip mat Grip-S

The use of anti slip matting can help reduce the size and or number of lashings required, potentially making loading and unloading faster

Item Number: 2006040
Anti-slip mat L 0.20m B 0.20m H 2mm
Anti-slip mat Grip-S, 5000x266x2mm, 0,6 µ, black
  • Complies with VDI directive 2700 et seq.
  • Can be reused many times
  • Highly resistant to operating materials
  • High material strength

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The following applies to load securing by frictional connection: The higher the friction between the load and the loading area, the fewer lashing belts you need. Without the use of anti-slip mats, economic securing by lashing down is hardly possible.

For this reason we have developed SpanSet-Grip, an anti-slip mat with which you can demonstrably increase the coefficient of friction μ to 0.6 for different friction combinations. Even a coefficient of friction of 1.0 is possible - at a surface pressure of 1-20 t/mm2 with the 2 mm mat or at 10-40 t/mm2 with the 9.5 mm mat. These values have been tested and certified.

On request, we will send you a copy of the certification. Carry out the certification or the Grip-use-application

if you are transporting the goods with the pipeline during transport, you can always prove that you have loaded the goods properly and have fully complied with the relevant VDI guideline 2700ff, Sheet 15.

SpanSet-Grip is an important addition when tie-down lashing. The anti-slip mat is insensitive to operating materials and easy to clean. And although it is thin and light, it has high strength and reusability even under permanent load

SpanSet Grip-S

The premium anti-slip mat has excellent friction coefficient properties and a slightly structured surface. With a strength of 5 N/mm2 and a Shore hardness in the range of 80°, the anti-slip mat is very difficult to tear and is therefore very wear-resistant. It has a compressive strength of 500 t/m2 and, depending on the material pairing and boundary conditions, friction coefficients of μ 0.8 to 1.2

The Spanset Grip-S with an imprint of the friction coefficient properties is available especially for securing paper rolls, ideal for proving that the load has been secured correctly during traffic checks. SpanSet Grip-S is reusable.


Product Technical Information

  • Temperature Range: -40° C to + 100° C
  • Colour: Czarny
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1

Item Number Item Name Weight Net Length Width Thickness
2006040 Anti-slip mat L 0.20m B 0.20m H 2mm 0.12 kg 200 200 2
2006041 Anti-slip mat L 5m B 0.26m H 2mm 3.86 kg 5000 266 2
2006042 Anti-slip mat L 20m B 0.15m H 2mm 9.82 kg 20000 150 2
2006043 Anti-slip mat L 0.2m B 0.20m H 9.53mm 0.5 kg 200 200 9.53
2006044 Anti-slip mat roll L 5m B 0.26m H 9.53mm 15 kg 5000 266 9.53
2017039 Anti-slip mat L 5m B 0.109m H 2mm 17.48 kg 5000 1092 2
2017040 Anti-slip mat roll L 5m B 1.25m H 9.53mm 63.5 kg 5000 1250 9.53