Please read carefully and notify us if you have questions!


This application and the information contained herein is a request for extension of credit for commercial business use only and each applicant certifies that the firm he represents is doing business as a corporation SpanSet Inc. Each applicant further authorizes any bank or commercial business with.

Whom the applicant is doing or has done any type of business to give any and all necessary information to the creditor which will assist creditor in the credit investigation. Each applicant further authorizes the creditor to reinvestigate the applicant’s credit status from time to time as the creditor deems necessary and should creditor upon such reinvestigation deem it necessary to limit or terminate the credit arrangement with applicant, said applicant shall be notified as to any adverse action. Upon approval of this application for credit, said applicant will be notified regarding the creditor’s terms of sale and should applicant at some future time deviate from the creditor’s terms of sale, said creditor reserves the right to terminate future extension of credit with applicant.


Spanset’s normal terms are net 30 days from date of invoice! We / us / our is hereafter known as the company requesting credit. If credit is extended, (we) agree to pay creditor all debts incurred within creditor’s terms of sale. (we) expressly waive all right of exemption under the constitution and laws of any state, as to personal property and (we) agree to pay all costs of collection or attempting to collect any and all debts which (we) now owe or may in the future owe creditor for goods sold (us) or for services rendered including reasonable attorney’s fees if due and unpaid. (we) also agree to pay a finance charge of 1.5% per month, (18%) annually on any unpaid, past due balance. Creditor is hereby authorized to deliver goods or perform services for the following at (our) request and
Charge it to (our) account. This shall continue until written notice to the contrary is given and accepted, which acceptance shall be evidenced by signature of creditor.


No goods, standard stock or special-order may be returned without consent of spanset. Goods requesting to be returned, other than warrenty claims, must be in clean, first-class condition in order for credit to be considered. All returned goods must have a rma# and we reserve the right to impose a 15% restocking fee.


Spanset’s minimum order to open an account is $2,000. To ensure proper credit to your account we would appreciate a remittance advice designating the invoices you are paying. Payment should be made from invoices. Unless you request a monthly statement, no statement will be issued.


All shipments are f.o.b. spanset, inc. Plant. Our standard freight policy is prepaid for all orders that exceed $2,000. Taxes and freight charges are not included in quoted prices.
*please note all xtirpa products shipping terms are f.o.b. sanford nc. All state sales tax will be billed unless we have in our files a signed “certificate of resale”. This is required by state law.


For security, title of goods shall not pass to the customer until the entire purchase price & all other obligations of the customer under these terms of sale are paid and performed in full.