Lashing strap type MX (one-piece) with ratchet and triangle hook

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One-piece 55 mm lashing strap, with ratchet, LC 10'000 daN
  • Extremely low elongation, less than 2%
  • Robust webbing construction
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Tear-proof quality label with protective sleeve
Product NameLashing strap type MX (one-piece) with ratchet and triangle hook
Product HeadlineOne-piece 55 mm lashing strap, with ratchet, LC 10'000 daN
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Thanks to the use of the high-quality high-tech fibre with the new MaXafe heavy-duty tensioner, the 55 mm wide lashing strap already reaches the strength of a 75 mm wide polyester strap. The resulting weight saving of about 24% compared to conventional products with the same lashing capacity makes the user's work much easier. MaXafe is practical and quick to attach.

Extremely low elongation, less than 2%
High performance fibres in the webbing provide exceptional abrasion resistance. Low elongation of less than 2%, comparable to ropes or chains.  The advantage: By block braking or evasive movements, the forces are directly directed into the lashing system and slippage of heavy goods is reduced to a minimum.

Improved ergonomics
Thanks to the use of high-performance polyester, the 50 mm wide MaXafe webbing already achieves the stability of a conventional 75 mm wide polyester heavy-duty webbing. The advantage: a weight saving of approx. 24% compared to the 75 mm lashing strap or comparable chain offer, which offers a significant reduction in workload. MaXafe is quick and easy to install.

Robust strap construction
The construction of the MaXafe heavy duty lashing strap is particularly strong and reduces strap abrasion and cuts through the use of high strength fibres. The advantage: a longer life and lower costs.

Quality label with protective sleeve
The robust MaXafe lashing strap is equipped with a strong, tear-resistant identification label. A tube protects the label against dirt and wear. The advantage: a guaranteed long service life.

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MaXafe is manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 12195-2. In addition, fully automated manufacturing processes ensure consistently high product quality. MaXafe can be used in a temperature range of - 40°C to + 100°C. Even alkalis and acids are no problem (depending on concentration). 

In accordance with the standard, the fixed end and the free end are identified by a robust, tear-resistant label, typical of SpanSet, which is also protected by the overlap of the strap.

Recommendation for UseLashing only, not for lifting, Protect against sharp edges, hot surfaces and chemicals
Lashing TypeOne-piece
Lashing Capacity10'000 daN
Ratchet TypePush-up
Tension Force Indicator (TFI)No
Label ProtectionYes
Surface Coatinggalvanized
NormsEN 12195-2
Webbing Material100% Polyester, thermofixed and low-stretch
Main MaterialHigh-performance polyester
Dimension L20.7 m
Webbing Width B55 mm
Packaging Unit (PU) Content1

Protective sleeve label

Protective sleeve label

Protective sleeve label

optimally protected, reinforced with selvedge

Protective sleeve label

In addition to the tear-resistant design with a fabric lining, a robust plastic sleeve perfectly protects the writing from abrasion and dirt. The webbing insert, equipped as standard, also prolongs the service life.