PowerStar 2ply DD

PowerStar 2ply DD

version with D-links

  • D-link on both ends
  • Superior woven load capacity indication
  • Tear-resistant label covered with a protective sleeve
  • Optional fitting with an RFID transponder
  • Load capacity is „measurable“
  • Edge reinforcement with interwoven high-tech yarns to protect from wear
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RFID optional

Attachment strap for retrofitting

All SpanSet gear can be fitted with an RFID transponder for asset management with IDXpert.


Protective sleeve label

Optimally protected, reinforced with a lining

In addition to the tear-resistant design with a fabric lining, a robust plastic sleeve perfectly protects the writing from abrasion and dirt. In lifting gear fitted with an RFID transponder, the transponder is integrated into the protective sleeve and is tear-resistant.


Reinforced edges

Resistant to wear and abrasion

Extremely hard-wearing high-tech black spun yarn is woven into the edges of the slings. They provide an easily recognisable protection against chafing on the edge of the strap. Your benefit: longer service life and lower costs!


Sewn-in load capacity indicator

Easy to read even when dirty

For more application safety, the load capacity indication is sewn firmly onto the strap. The load capacity remains clearly legible even when the lifting gear is very dirty.


Measurable load capacity

With these flat slings it is possible to ‘measure’ the load capacity.

The weaving pattern of the strap changes every 30 mm, and each „strip“ indicates a nominal carrying capacity of 0.5 t per layer, e. g.: 2-ply flat sling, 90 mm wide = 3 x 30 mm x 2 layers = 3 t load capacity.

The D-links easily fit into all common crane hooks. The robust quality steel of the links is resistant to wear and makes this version ideal for lifting procedures involving a noose. Simply thread it and hook it into the crane hook – this effectively prevents the flat sling from slipping out.
Different protective sleeves that can be easily fitted onto the 2-ply PowerStar flat slings also make it possible to use these slings to lift sharp-edged loads.

Product downloads and manuals

Flatsling Instruction Manual
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