SafetyPlus rescue slings

SafetyPlus rescue slings

Rescue slings with safety sleeves for tensile loads of up to 50t

  • Safety sleeve protects against uncontrolled recoil in the event of overloading
  • Suitable for tensile loads of up to 50t
  • Safety sleeve made from high-strength polyester

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SafetyPlus is specially designed for pulling and rescuing loads. It is characterised by the fact that the part which absorbs the load is housed in a safety sleeve with suspension loops. In the event of overloading, this sleeve prevents the sling from recoiling uncontrollably and the associated risk of physical injury.

The significantly higher extension and compensation capacity of the safety sleeve, which is tailored to the loading capacity of the pulling sling, ensures that, if the pulling sling tears, the energy released will be absorbed in the safety sleeve and the device will not recoil uncontrollably. The actual pulling device is a roundsling that, like the safety sleeve and its suspension loops, is made of high-strength polyester.

SafetyPlus comes with a label that indicates to the user the maximum tensile force and the necessary safety instructions. The information regarding the tensile load is laid out in such a way that there is three fail-safe mechanisms in the system in the event of a break.