New warehouse location in Langenfeld


Übach-Palenberg, 25 May 2023 - SpanSet has converted the former Axzion production site in Langenfeld into a dispatch warehouse. The logistical processes are significantly accelerated and the packaging is more sustainable. The boss in the warehouse is a young master craftswoman for warehouse logistics.


The racks for Euro pallets, industrial pallets and boxes are in place. Forklifts and packaging machines are ready to go, as is the vacuum tube lifter that takes heavy loads off the warehouse staff. On 1 April 2023, a new SpanSet warehouse will go into operation at the previous Axzion production site in Langenfeld. Among other things, merchandise from overseas and personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PPE), which SpanSet manufactures in England, will be stored there.


Processes accelerated

Until now, SpanSet has used an externally operated external warehouse. A service provider first brought the shipping goods to Übach-Palenberg, from where they were shipped. This diversions - with truck journeys and CO2 emissions - is now no longer necessary. "Now we receive the deliveries independently and ship them to our customers from Langenfeld," says Thomas Möllers, Head of Logistics, Customs and Export Control at SpanSet. "Overall, we are streamlining our logistics processes and customers are receiving ordered goods much faster than before." Around 80 per cent of the shipments from Langenfeld go to recipients in Germany and the European Union, 20 per cent to third countries.


Environmentally friendly single-material packaging

Almost exclusively renewable raw materials are used for transport packaging in Langenfeld. Sturdy cardboard boxes and sustainable paper padding replace plastic films and fillers. Instead of PP or PET strapping, there are paper tapes with water-soluble glue. The materials are mostly recyclable by type. SpanSet uses Euro pallets and recyclable plastic pallets for export as load carriers.


Young warehouse logistics master takes over as team leader

The warehouse in Langenfeld has 3,000 pallet and 3,500 container spaces. Management is in the hands of SpanSet personnel, some of whom have years of experience with the products. By the end of 2023, there will probably be six permanent warehouse staff. With Jacqueline Schumacher, a young SpanSet home-grown is taking over as team leader. After her training at SpanSet as a warehouse logistics specialist, she recently passed her master craftsman's examination - still a rare event for women in the male domain of logistics.

SpanSet has invested 600,000 euros in the new warehouse location. Langenfeld remains the headquarters of SpanSet Axzion GmbH. Only the production from Langenfeld has recently moved to the Axzion site in Neustrelitz (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania).


About SpanSet GmbH & Co. KG

SpanSet GmbH & Co. KG, Übach-Palenberg, is a leading manufacturer in the field of lifting and load securing technology as well as personal protective equipment for height safety. Own companies in 22 countries on five continents offer customers worldwide service. More than 160 employees at SpanSet GmbH & Co KG in Übach-Palenberg weave, dye and make up approx. 750,000 metres of webbing and fabric hoses every month. In addition to the production and marketing of high-quality technical textiles, a comprehensive range of services complements the product range. These include testing and repair services, consulting, expert opinions, certifications and technical seminars.


About SpanSet Axzion GmbH

SpanSet Axzion GmbH, based in Langenfeld, Germany, was founded in 1999 and is part of the international SpanSet Group. The company supplies individual customised products and special solutions for the complex requirements of transporting and assembling wind turbines and other large components.


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Fig.1: The packaging in Langenfeld consists of sturdy cardboard boxes and sustainable paper pads.

Fig.2: Team leader Jaqueline Schumacher (centre) with her colleagues