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Fall height calculator

The app provides information on whether the lintel height is sufficient for various application scenarios. Just click on the lanyard used, define the work situation with a few fingertips and let the application calculate whether the person will be safely caught in the event of a fall.

The fitter or worker can easily make the calculation using a smartphone and then knows how effective his protective equipment is. This information on the display alone can save lives.

Document risk assessment by e-mail
The lintel height calculator app is also a valuable and sometimes labour law relevant support for foremen, site managers and other responsible persons. They can literally hold the result of their risk assessment under the individual worker's nose and either release the concrete situation or demand changes - such as selecting a different anchor point. In addition, the SpanSet-App offers a documentation function that should not be underestimated. One can send the results of the calculation to oneself or to another recipient by e-mail. 

The free offer applies exclusively to the SpanSet connectors SP140 and DSL2.

Available languages: German, English, Finnish, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian



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