Height Safety

Permanent Lines

Lifeline Installations

SpanSet have for many years provided trusted installed wire lifelines and anchors. 

We are passionate about developing strong working relationships with our customers, helping them maintain excellent safety records. 

Safe Installations – it’s what we do!


Vertical Lifeline System

Allows simple hands-free use of the system ensuring the operative can focus on the ascent and descent when working at height.

SecureClimb - Installation service >


Horizontal Lifeline System

Designed to provide safe attachment for a team of up to 4 x 140kg operatives. Suitable for all roof types including concrete slab, profiled roof sheet, standsing seam and membrane roofs.

WorkSecure - Installation service >


Work Restraint system

Allows you freedom of access to the top of the vehicle/container including all the perimeter edges, however with no risk of falling.

Stoppa - Installation service >


Overhead horizontal Lifeline

Provide snag free travel along the installed lifeline and due to the rigid nature of the CAPCHA Workshop system, it can support heavier retractable type fall arrest devices without causing excessive sag in the lifeline under the device weight.

Capcha - Installation service >