Vehicle Fall Protection


The Overhead Fall Arrest System that travels with your vehicle and keeps Drivers and Loaders safe.


Simple to use

  • Provides protection from ground level to the trailer and back to the ground.  Tested to DIN EN 795:2012
  • Allows secure, unrestricted access to the trailer deck and enables hands free working.
  • Runs smoothly as driver/loader walks along the trailer deck.

Shock absorber integrated in the wire system

Our unique Capcha fall arrest system minimises the likelihood and consequences of a fall.

The combination of the Capcha system and associated training gives reassurance to both employer and the driver/loader that working at height - gaining access/egress from the vehicle deck and working adjacent to the exposed edges to the rear and sides of the vehicle -  is safe.

Simple Installation

Fits unobtrusively inside the roof of the trailer and does not obstruct loading or unloading.
  • Ideal for use with most types of curtainsided and rigid vehicles. Solutions also available for double-deck trailers.
  • May be specified as original equipment or retro-fitted to your fleet.
  • Straightforward kits supplied designed to be cut to lenght and terminated on site without the need for special tools
  • Permanently fitted to the vehicle body.
  • Stainless steel and performance coatings for maximum lifespan
  • Low maintenance when anually inspected in accordance with BS7883:2005.

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Work Restraint System

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Vertical Lifeline System 

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