Horizontal Lifeline System


Permanently installed horizontal lifeline utilising 8mm aircraft grade stainless steel cable and suitable for work restraint or fall arrest.

 Safeline Systems include a unique force attenuation device, which allow configuration to match installation requirements.




  • Suitable for all roof types including concrete slab, profiled roof sheet, standsing seam and membrane roofs.
  • Tested and Certified by an external notified body to EN795:2012 Class C and meets and exceeds the requirements of PD CEN/TS 16415:2013.
  • Computer calculation package guarantees all installations are within the safe working limits.
  • All components are manufactured from aircraft grade stainless steel.
  • Designed to provide safe attachment for a team of up to 4 x 140kg operatives.
  • Unique energy attenuation device allows the system performance to be finely matched to the requirements of an installation.
  • Multi-functional parts to provide continuous hands-free traversing of the lifeline
  • Brackets and components designed to ensure ease of navigating corners, contours, and inclines.

Who is WORKSECURE intended for?

Types of permanent Lifelines


Overhead horizontal Lifeline

Provide snag free travel along the installed lifeline and due to the rigid nature of the CAPCHA Workshop system, it can support heavier retractable type fall arrest devices without causing excessive sag in the lifeline under the device weight.

Capcha - Installation service >



Work Restraint system

Allows you freedom of access to the top of the vehicle/container including all the perimeter edges, however with no risk of falling.

Stoppa - Installation service > 




Vertical Lifeline System

Offers market leading fall protection for work at height on any type of fixed industrial ladder or suitable vertical structures such as electricity pylons.

SecureClimb -  Installation service >

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