Vertical Lifeline System


Offers market leading fall protection for work at height on any type of fixed industrial ladder or suitable vertical structures such as electricity pylons.


SecureClimb Vertical Lifeline

  • Innovative, unique and industry leading Traveller (mobile anchor advice).
  • Marine grade stainless steel components and performance coatings for maximum lifespan. Suitable for use in harsh internal and external environments including low temperatures and exposed locations.
  • Multiple kit sizes and variations from 10-30m with a range of components, which allow the system to easily accommodate contours, deviations and multi-section ladder installations.
  • Meets and exceeds the requirements of the latest standard EN353-1:2014

Designed and manufactured in house by SpanSet - Height Safety Specialists.

How to use

Simple, Safe and Intuitive 

No complicated mechanical operation

Allows  smooth transition of Traveller along the length of the vertical lifeline, including intermediates. 

Go/No indicator

Show the system is correctly tensioned and highlight if system has been overloaded prior to use.

Access/egress via 'gate'

Safe connection to the system is via an entry/exit ‘gate’ at the bottom without the need to open the Traveller.

Traveller is fully detachable at any point along the vertical lifeline using simple one-handed operation of the safe dual action mechanism.

Shocks absorbers

Shock absorbers in both the traveller and system, reduce loadings transferred to the user.

Extension Anchor Posts available increasing the length of the system to ensure the operative reaches a safe position before disconnection.  Ideal where ladders finish flush for example.

Mobile Anchor Device

Innovative, unique and industry leading mobile anchor device. 

  • Easy to use and remains attached to operative during use reducing risk of dropping device.
  • Allows simple hands-free use of the system ensuring the operative can focus on the ascent and descent and work safely when working at height.
  • Reduce the fall distance, subsequent impact force and the risk of secondary injury through collision. The reaction speed of SpanSet’s innovative Traveller offers market leading performance.
  • Shock absorbers in both the traveller and system, reduce loadings transferred to the user.

Complete Service

We produce a range of compatible Personal Fall Protection Equipment and provide specialist Inspection Services to complete our unique offering. 

By dealing directly with SpanSet, both manufacturer and service provider (Trainer, Inspector and Installer) you can be confident in our comprehensive warranty, support and technical expertise.

Survey, Design & Installation

SpanSet’s in-house Service Team conduct thorough surveys and risk assessments to ensure a fully compliant SecureClimb vertical safety system is installed to customer requirements.   With our unrivalled experience and breadth of service we can provide a documented Safe Systems of Work, advise on rescue plans, specify and supply PPE and training and implement a maintenance and inspection regime.


SpanSet have been at the forefront of providing Work at Height Training courses. Our purpose-built Training Facility based in Cheshire offers exceptional Training Structures and facilities including a Lattice Mast, Open Faced Tower and Monopole, both indoor and outdoor Training Structures and Rooftops together with state of the art classrooms and smartboard technology. 


We offer a comprehensive range of Inspection Services to keep your workforce safe - from Inspection On Demand to a Fully Managed Inspection Service or a Subscription Service for those requirements in between. 

Vertical lifeline applications

  • Facilities Management- Protecting maintenance and inspection Technicians
  • Construction- Protecting construction workers also commonly specified by Architects as an integral aspect of the build to permit safe access for maintenance once the structure is complete.
  • Warehousing and Distribution- Providing safe access to storage racking for misaligned pallets, routine maintenance etc and automated machinery should a break down occur.
  • Bridges & Infrastructure- SecureClimb offers a simple, durable and flexible access solution to piers, spans and supports.
  • Leisure and Entertainment- Ideal for safe access behind large projected film screens.
  • Manufacturing- Protecting maintenance technicians and assembly workers on large scale production lines.
  • Telecommunications- Protecting riggers on masts and towers. 
  • Renewables- protecting maintainence technicians on wind turbines.

  ..and many others- Oil & Gas, Cranes, Power Stations.

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Horizontal Lifeline System

Designed to provide safe attachment for a team of up to 4 x 140kg operatives. Suitable for all roof types including concrete slab, profiled roof sheet, standsing seam and membrane roofs.

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Work Restraint system

Allows you freedom of access to the top of the vehicle/container including all the perimeter edges, however with no risk of falling.

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Overhead horizontal Lifeline

Provide snag free travel along the installed lifeline and due to the rigid nature of the CAPCHA Workshop system, it can support heavier retractable type fall arrest devices without causing excessive sag in the lifeline under the device weight.

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