Height Safety

Rescue Systems

<p><strong>All models in the Gotcha Rescue and Evacuation Ranges feature:</strong><br />•    Designed for co workers to perform rescue of a casualty or for workers to complete evacuation from dangerous situations. <br />•    All Gotcha Kit features are straightforward to use in what can be a stressful situation.<br />•    Preassembled and 100% function checked before sealing and despatch. <br />•    Sealed to protect contents. Kits last longer and are easier to inspect & maintain<br />•    Expertly designed, quality carry bag for ease of handling, transport and storage.<br />•    Clear visual instructions on robust laminated card.<br />•    RFID tagged for traceability </p> <p> </p>
Gotcha 1 (the Original)
Gotcha CRD Reach
Gotcha SHARK