4-leg RS sling

4-leg RS sling

The perfect balance

  • Manufactured in accordance to EN 1492-2 Standard
  • Grade 8 and 10 high-quality steel equipment components, conforming to the EN 1677 standard
  • Forged fittings protect the round sling from wear
  • Replacement of parts based on the modular principle
  • Ideal in combination with attachment points
  • Identification with a tag label
  • Optional fitting with an RFID transponder

Modular system

Easily replace individual parts

If parts become damaged, you do not have to replace the entire sling. This minimises purchasing costs and increases safety.


RFID optional

Attachment strap for retrofitting

All SpanSet gear can be fitted with an RFID transponder for asset management with IDXpert.

4-leg RS sling — The perfect balance



The 4-leg round sling provides optimal control for lifting bulky or high-value loads, preventing tilting with four evenly spaced attachment points. It supports up to 63 tons when angle β is below 45°, ensuring stable and safe handling.

Economical and Modular Design 

Embracing a modular system, each part of the multi-leg round sling - from the round sling itself to the fittings - can be replaced individually. This not only significantly cuts down maintenance costs but also extends the lifespan of the entire unit. 

Easy Inspection with RFID Transponder

The optional RFID transponder streamlines inspection documentation, allowing easy access to product and inspection data through the IDxpert system.  

Recommendations for Use

Do not use damaged wire ropes and slings with defects, such as wire breaks, bulges, bruises, kinks, severed core, heavy wear, rust damage or others. Do not exceed the specified load carrying capacity (WLL). Do not strike at a tilt angle exceeding 60°. Do not use wire ropes with broken strands. Do not use in contact with chemicals. Sling ropes may only be used for lifting and transporting loads and only by instructed persons. The regulation on the safe use of cranes (Crane Regulation) must be observed without fail (Suva-Form.1420. d).