NoCut® Pad

NoCut® Pad

Safety at the highest level

  • Tested Cut Resistance
  • Easy Handling and Operation to low Weight
  • Sleeve can be positioned freely on the Lifting Device
  • Fits Roundslings and Webslings

Optimised process technology

Increase service life and safety

Improved cut protection, simplified handing and stronger material stability.


Flexible sleeve construction

Easy positioning

The flexible fabric construction can be positioned easily and attaches to the edge.


Free positioning

Protection at exactly place

Can be freely positioned over the lifting sling and offers protection at exact place where the sharp edge is connected.



Simpler and Ergonomic

The lightweight construction makes for simple and ergonomic handling.


Certified safety

A high level of operational safety based on defined edge radii – DEKRA certified.



with handling instructions

NoCut products are marked with a label containing the handling instructions and the general product information.

Safety at the highest level

During lifting of the load, roundslings and lifting slings are protected with the NoCut pad exactly in place between the sharp edge an the the lifting device. This effectively avoids damage occurring to the textile lifting sling, as well as dropped loads.

NoCut pad is offered in a 2-layer or 4-layer design. This multilayer design achieves an extremely high level of cut protection and offers the user a high level of protection during critical lifting processes.

New features include the simplified fixing of the NoCut pad with snap buckles or Velcro® fastener, the higher-performance fabric structure for stronger cut protection, and the enhanced recognition of the discard criteria through signal colour of an internal material. Your essential asset in performance, safety and efficiency!

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