Multitask Exoskeleton - Overhead and lifting activities

GIN: 2026909
OmniSuit S/M
Multitask exoskeleton
  • Reduce workload and fatigue and improve worker comfort.
  • Shoulder and back support solution for dynamic work activities.
  • Maximize anatomical compatibility and energy efficiency.
  • Lightweight [size M - 2.7 kg]
  • Integrated Elastic Energy Storage (EES) system.
  • Made out of aerospace-grade Aluminium, polymers and technical texitels .

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Everyday Ironman

Solution for physically demanding work

Wearable exoskeletons to support industrial workers in physically demanding tasks.



Made from advanced materials

Selection of the most advanced materials to achieve the lightest exoskeletons on the market.


Reduce heart rate and muscle activity

Backed by intensive research and scientific evidence

Biomechanical evaluations and field testing throughout the entire development process.

OmniSuit Multitask Exoskeleton

Combined shoulder and back support solution for dynamic work activities, including overhead and lifting tasks.

Focused on ergonomics and human-centered engineering, the OmniSuit seamlessly covers the entire vertical range of motion without compromising performance.

Made from advanced materials

Lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum, polymers, and technical textiles contribute to a lightweight and low-profile exoskeleton.

OmniSuit achieves a new level of agility, ensuring effortless everyday use.


  • Reduce workload, fatigue and improve worker comfort.
  • Lightweight [size M - 2.7 kg]
  • Versatile for a wide range of work environments.
  • Rigid and soft components to create a highly ergonomic support system.
  • Ergonomic design naturally aligns with the human body.
  • Allow unconstrained spine movements while maximizing breathability, and dynamic misalignment compensation for a maximized freedom of movement experience.

What kind of work is supported

Perfect solution for professionals across various industries, including logistics, maintenance, manufacturing, construction, cleaning, and agriculture.

As a combined back and shoulder exoskeleton, it not only supports isolated work such as overhead or lifting activities but can support both simultaneously over the entire vertical range of motion, handling loads all the way from floor level to the highest shelf.

Providing exceptional support for the neck, shoulders, arms, back, and hips, the OmniSuit can help to reduce workload and fatigue and improve worker comfort.


Wearing the OmniSuit reduces muscle activity and delays the process of fatiguing. 

  • Shoulder fatique reduction 75%
  • Back mucle fatique reduction 45%
  • Shoulder muscle support during overhead assembly 40%
  • Back muscle support during forward leaning 30%

Product Technical Information

  • Packaging Dimensions L x W x H: 26 cm x 68 cm x 23 cm
  • Thigh circumference: 57 - 73 cm

Product downloads and manuals

OmniSuit Uset Manual
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OmniSuit Brochure
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GIN Item Number Clothing Size Weight Net Chest circumference
2026909 OmniSuit S/M S/M 2.7 kg 57 - 97 cm
2026910 Omnisuits L/XL L/XL 3 kg 73 - 132 cm

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