PowerPlus Web Sling

PowerPlus Web Sling

High Tech Series reduces risk.

  • Thermoplastic beading
  • Cordura™ reinforced eyes
  • Premium SpanSet webbing
This product is not currently available for online purchases. For more information or to place an order, please call our customer service team at 800-334-7505 or email ssales@spanset-usa.com

The PowerPlus Web Slings brings the height of today's lifting technology to the job. This sling is another European engineering success, introduced to the United States by SpanSet.

With thermoplastic beading, your sling's edges are protected against cuts and tears when lifting abrasive loads in the harshest environments. Cordura™ reinforced eyes prevent damage from lifting hooks. We also extend the length of the reinforcement a full six inches. This stiffens the eyes and makes passing the sling under your cargo and up to your overhead rigging faster and safer. An optional abrassive resistant chemical coating is also available by contacting SpanSet.

With the strength of premium SpanSet webbing, made and tested in our own factory, PowerPlus Web Slings will help tackle even the roughest lifting jobs with confidence. Rely on SpanSet quality to get the job done safely and reduce risk.