Reinforced Rubber Protection

Reinforced Rubber Protection

Flexible rubber edge guards for long-lasting strap and cargo protection

  • Available for 2" and 4" Webbing Widths
  • Conforms to various load shapes.
  • Ideal for non-90° angles.
  • Reinforced rubber for durability.
  • Extended strap lifespan.
  • Safeguard your cargo investment.
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Reinforced Rubber edge protection

Flexible rubber edge guards for long-lasting strap and cargo protection. Made from reinforced rubber, so that it conforms to the shape of the load but still is highly resitant to wear.

  • Flexible Design is engineered for adaptability with the Rubber Edge Protectors flexibly conform to the unique contours of your cargo.
  • Ideal for non-90° angle loads without sharp corners, offering superior protection in diverse transport scenarios.
  • Reinforced durability with reinforced rubber that delivers unmatched durability while maintaining flexibility.
  • Preserves cargo and strap integrity by safeguarding your valuable cargo investment by preventing damage to both the load and your straps.
  • Extended Lifespan of your ratchet and winch straps with this form-fitting protection solution, ensuring reliable performance on every journey.