One Size (Universal) - ANSI Certified

GIN: 2012825
SSUS ERP Code: US1104
US1104 - One Size (Universal)
US1104 Harness
  • Versatile confined space harness
  • Front attachment loops
  • 5 point adjustment
  • Gotcha rescue compatible
  • Safer no-slide rear D ring
  • Rescue attachment points
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When working at height it is important for the user to be both confident and comfortable in their equipment. SpanSet's harnesses have been designed, taking into account the demands of the different types of work and the environments in which they are used.

For most Fall Protection applications the rear attachment on the harness is used. On some occasions it may be necessary to attach to the front as with connection to a permanent ladder system or to undertake a rescue. 

Adjustable tongue and buckle leg straps for quick and easy on - easy off
Breathable mesh panel helps keep harness from getting tangled allowing for easy donning

- Lightweight construction

- Buttock strap position and lock down stitch minimizes the potential for harness slip out in a reversed crouched position.

- Large rear fall arrest D ring for easy connection

- Lighter than shoulder Ds but small enough for efficient and safe connection of snap hooks for spreader bar insertion to confinded space

- Adjustable chest D ring ability to centralize chest D ring ensures even and comfortable front loading

- 2 and 3 bar buckles proven as the most reliable connection with no moving parts

Product Technical Information

  • Norms: ANSI Z359.14-2014
  • Lifespan: 10 yr.
  • Harness Webbing Material: Polyester
  • Hardware Material: Carbon / Alloy Steel
  • Main Material: High-performance polyester
  • Individually Serial Numbered: Yes
  • Individual Certificate: Yes
  • Multilingual User Instruction Manual: Yes
  • Inspection Guide: Yes
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1
  • Temperature Range: -40 °F to 120 °F