The SpanSet brand stands for products of outstandingly high quality, made of high-strength synthetic fibers for use in in the fields of fall protection, lifting and load securing systems. The SpanSet belts are produced to consistently high quality in vertical production, everything from the staple fiber, to the weaving, to the carefully sewn final product.

Decades of research and development work and experience in the manufacturing of technical belts are "woven into" SpanSet products.

Through its worldwide presence, SpanSet can view itself as a leader in the sectors of lifting and cargo control through the use of belts made with synthetic materials.

In addition to what is required for safety at work, SpanSet has developed a wide range of items in personal safety equipment (PSE) for fall protection systems and offers a full spectrum for people working at greater heights.

In addition, SpanSet offers a wide range of devices to help secure loads, plus the associated services such as competent consulting, training and the inspection of lifting equipment.