LiftSuit® Textile Exoskeleton

Supports back and hip muscles lifting objects in a leaning position

Providing Support - Anytime, Anywhere


Support for back & hip muscles

Works in a forward-leaning posture.

Reduce Workload

Relieves the back and hip muscles.

Reduce back injuries

Fosters a proper lifting posture.


Textile Exoeskeleton < 0.9 Kg.

Use anytime, anywhere

No movement restrictions.

What kind of work is supported?

Lifting Objects

Get additional energy that can relieve the back and hip muscles!

While lifting from below hip-level, the integrated elastic elements store energy when users bend forward, and releases the energy when objects are being lifted.

LiftSuit does not only support normal lifting, it also supports lifting and handling objects while working on the knees.

Forward-Leaning Posture

Provides support for posture while the elastic elements store the energy needed to sustain the user.​

Support user standing or kneeling. Working for hours in a forward-leaning posture even without any additional weight can strain your back muscles as they carry your upper body weight.

How it Works

Like a set of additional, external muscles to unload the back and hip muscles

The solution offers an easy-to-use, small and lightweight support system that users can wear without being constrained.

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No Exo Repetitive lifting of 6 kg

Heart rate [HR] = 122 bpm
Working heart rate [WHR] = 58 bpm

LiftSuit Repetitive lifting of 6 kg

Heart rate [HR] = 117 bpm (↓4 bpm)
Working heart rate [WHR ]= 54 bpm (↓7%)

Average muscle activity reduction of eight subjects‘ back muscles when lifting 6 kg from the ground and putting it back down. The red line is the average muscle activity without the LiftSuit, the blue line with LiftSuit support.

How to use LiftSuit

Users can activate, deactivate and adjust the support manually on demand.

The following video will give you a quick overview on how to put it on, activate and deactivate the support and about general use and handling of the LiftSuit.

With a little training and "getting used to" the LiftSuit is a piece of equipment that you can use very intuitively during work.

Level of support provided

Quantified level
of load reduction

Through a series of experiments in our biomechanical laboratory.

The results show that using the LiftSuit significantly reduces the load on the back and hip muscles when lifting objects or remaining in a forward-leaning posture.

LiftSuit® Textile Exoeskeleton

Providing Support - Anytime, Anywhere

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