What is the Self-Rescue scenario?

Case 1

The operator needs
to quickly escape from
their cab in an emergency

eg. VNA Stock picking trucks.

Kit for case 1

Gotcha Evac Kit II

The Industry Standard Evacuation Kit

Providing safe evacuation for workers on mobile platforms, VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) trucks in warehouses etc.

  • Up to 20m
  • User weight up to 100kg
  • Friction descender requires user input, therefore regular practice recommended
  • Hazard avoidance possible on descent

Case 2

Riggers need to quickly escape from a
complex structure where a clear vertical
descent to ground level is not possible

eg. VNA Stock picking trucks.

Kit for case 2

Gotcha Shark

The Industry Standard Self-Rescue Kit

For experienced Tower/Mast Climbers and Riggers.

  • Up to 180m
  • User weight up to 200kg
  • Premium friction descender for controlled descent. Suitable for larger workers
  • Hazard avoidance possible on descent
  • For Rescue & Evacuation 

Case 3

Multiple workers need to escape from a
high structure where a direct descent to ground level is the fastest way

eg. Wind Turbine Nacelle

Kit for case 3

Gotcha ADD

Automatic Descent Device
For multiple worker evacuations

Providing safe evacuation, by direct descent from straddle carriers, dock cranes and elevated work platforms/high structures.

  • Up to 200m
  • User weight up to 140Kg
  • Descent Speed controller by an automatic break so minimal user input required.

Fall Protection

SpanSet Fall Protection courses are designed to provide our clients with all the necessary information, instruction and training to operate both safely and efficiently when faced with what could be a stressful situation.

Our extensive training facilities allow us to simulate many real life rescue and evacuation situations. Open courses held nationwide and on site .

Training is essential before you use these kits. Gotcha Kit training only available from SpanSet.

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