Universal - Vertical transport of plates

Robust and lightweight Lifting Clamps

Available for loads from 0.5t to 6t

  • Made from Naxtra steel.
  • Maximum WLL indicator.
  • Specially designed grip for better hold on the clamp while attaching it to the plate.
  • Easier opening and closing latch design.
  • Overload indicator for improved safety

Vertical safety lifting clamps are suitable for :

Lifting Plates

Moving Plates

Turning 180°

Maximum Durability

+ Naxtra steel construction with corrosion resistant layer!

+ Maintenance and overhaul kits available for all clamps.

+ Individually serialized - Serial number and Proof Load date permanently marked.

+ RFID equipped - Automate the routine inspection process with IDXpert Net.

+ 2.000.000 Load Cycles tested in vertical position and changing parts according Instruction Manual

Load angle diagram

Suitable for a lifting angle of max 180°

If the change in speed is too large when turning over an object it produces an impact force on the load.

Three models depending on the materials to be handled

EVU - Universal Lifting clamps

EVU Universal safety Lifting clamps for Steel plates with a maximum hardness of 37 HRC.

EVU H - For very hard materials

EVU H for steel plates with a maximum hardness of 47 HRC, tensile strength 1550 N/mm2, for example Hardox 400 and 500. 

EVU S - For stainless steel

EVU S for Stainless Steel plates with a maximum hardness 37 HRC, tensile strength 1200 N/mm2.

Exoset Safety lifting clamps

Approved by the most demanding Certifications

  • DNV Type Approval – ST – 0378 ( in Progress )
  • European Norm EN 13155
  • USA Norm ASME B30.20, Design category C, Service class 4
  • USA Norm ASME BTH – 1
  • Australian Norm 4991
  • European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

Improved safety

Maximum WLL indicator, located where it is clearly visible on the hoisting eye and the grip.

Makes it easy for the user to recognize the maximum load for which the lifting clamp can be used.

Breaking Load Limit of 6x Working Load Limit!
Minimum WLL needed is 10% of maximum WLL

5 Year Warranty

Exoset Lifting Clamps

Available on-line with fast shipping

Technical Support

At SpanSet we are committed to safety, if you have any questions please contact us and we will help you select the most appropriate option.

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