Gotcha 1 (the Original)

Gotcha 1 (the Original)

The Industry Standard Remote Attachment Rescue Kit designed for tradesmen who work at height

Item Number: 2003166
SSDE ERP Code: D008533
Gotcha Original Kit 50m
Original Remote Rescue Kit with 50m Rope Length
  • Available for descent height up to 50m
  • Intuitive to use by casuatly's co workers
  • Equally efficient for lifting or lowering
  • No cut operation
  • Pulley system for efficient lifting

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Safeguarding scaffolders and the trades working in the Construction, Energy and Facilities Maintenance Industries.


What is it?

The Gotcha Kit is a pre-assembled remote rescue system in compliance with EN1496 with individually CE Marked components. The pulley system provides a 3:1 or 4:1 mechanical advantage for lifting and includes a belay device to allow the user to control the rate of lowering safely. A telescopic pole enables the rescuer to attach the pulley system to the casualty remotely.


What can it be used for?

The Gotcha kit has been designed for either remote lifting, or lowering of a casualty for rescue. The system can be used for recovery of a casualty suspended on his fall arrest equipment without the need to cut him free, or put the rescuer at risk.

  • Suitable for rescue from Fall Arrest Lanyards and Fall Arrest Blocks.
  • This is a no-cut kit = The casualty is raised to release their original attachment.
  • Rescue direction = You can raise or lower the casualty with this kit.
  • Pre-Assembled = No assembly is required by user.
  • Remote attachment = The casualty can be attached from a point of safety.
  • Single person use =  The Gotcha Kit only requires a single rescuer to operate it. 
  • Maximum Working Length = The Gotcha kit is available in four lengths.
  • Colour coding = The kit is colour coded for simplicity.



Length of Rope    /     Maximum Lowering Distance      /       Maximum Lowering Distance

                                          High Anchor  3:1                                       Low Anchor 4:1

                                          (from blue pulley)                                     (from green pulley)


50m                                  16m                                                               12m


100m                                33m                                                               25m


150m                                50m                                                               37m


200m                                66m                                                               50m

Product Technical Information

  • Norms: EN 1496:2017
  • Maximum User Weight: 140 kg
  • Label Protection: Yes
  • Colour: multicolored
  • Main Material: Polyamide
  • Environmental Sealing: Yes
  • Individually Serial Numbered: Yes
  • Individual Certificate: Yes
  • Multilingual User Instruction Manual: Yes
  • Packaging Unit (PU): bag
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1

Product downloads and manuals

GOTCHA Rescue Kit product guide
(en en_US)
(de en es fr it nl no)

Item Number Item Name Weight Net Descent Height
SSDE ERP Code: D008533
Gotcha Original Kit 50m 8 kg 16 m
SSDE ERP Code: D015602
Gotcha Original Kit 100m 11 kg 33 m