The safest solution for vehicle transports

SpanSet CarFix® and TruckFix® lashing systems are the safe,
economical, and simple solution for transporting cars and trucks
on vehicle trailers with perforated metal rails.

When the Association of German Engineers published the first guideline for securing vehicles during transport at the end of the 1970s, SUVs, hybrid and electric vehicles were still a long way off. In the meantime, the weight and tyre sizes of vehicles vary considerably, which requires new, more variable load securing aids.

The modular system for every application

Thanks to the individual combination of different components,
CarFix® and TruckFix® can meet all vehicle transport requirements.

1 - Pull-down ratchet
CarFix CT - LC 1500 daN / STF 330 daN
TruckFix CT 50 - LC 2500 daN / STF 500 daN
2 - Free running hook
3 - The webbing
4 - The controller
5 - The controller label
6 - The TFI
7 - The Label
8 - Firmly sewn hook at fixed end

The modular system for every application

Thanks to the individual combination of different components,
CarFix® and TruckFix® can meet all vehicle transport requirements.

CarFix and TruckFix offer the customer flexibility in the combination of the various versions of the individual components. This allows a variety of combination options for every requirement. In addition to the standard versions of the vehicle securing systems, the different quality ratchets, innovative end fittings, and controllers can be individually combined. This ensures safe transport for every type of vehicle.

The patented Tension Force Indicator (TFI) is a unique tool that reliably indicates the achieved tension force.

The Tension Force Indicator (TFI) has been installed in many SpanSet‘s lashing systems for over 10 years. The unique aid is also optionally available for the new 35 mm CarFix systems and leads to significantly more safety when lashing cars on vehicle transporters. In contrast to the classic lashing systems, the TFI in the CarFix systems is not installed in the tensioning element, but in the webbing. In the „relaxed“ state, the jaws of the TFI are open . During tensioning, they begin to close . When the jaws are pressed together, the full pre-tensioning force (STF) is demonstrably reached. If the lashing system loses tension during the journey, the open jaws of the TFI show that, in case of doubt, you must retighten. Nothing is left to chance.


Certified safety

The Tension Force Indicator for the CarFix lashing systems has been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD Auto Partner.

The right connecting elements

In addition to the standard versions, users can choose from two innovative hooks that make vehicle transport even safer and more economical.

Swivel hook >

The standard versions of the SpanSet CarFix and TruckFix systems are equipped with a classic 360-degree swivel hook. The hook is hooked onto the tensioning element, loose end and free running into the vehicle transporter‘s track plate and thus ensures that the system is securely fixed.

Snake Hook >

The 360-degree rotating Snake Hook can be used at the loose end and as a free-running hook. Thanks to its shape, there is a large contact surface with the sheet metal. This ensures optimum force transmission. Even with high loads, damage to the sensitive perforated plates is avoided.


45 Hook >

The SpanSet 45 hook with its large contact surface to the track plate ensures optimum force transmission. Even under high loads, deformation of the perforated plate is avoided. The 45-Hook is only installed free-running at the loose end.

At SpanSet we advise you to provide the equipment you need.

Contact our load securing experts or download our Carfix / TruckFix brochure.

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