Safeline V8 - rope-guided arrester system

Safeline V8 was developed for working on buildings, wind turbines, high-bay warehouses or in plant construction. Combined with safety harnesses according to EN 361, it secures the user when climbing ladders..


The system consists of a tensioned wire rope, to which a moving fall arrester is latched. The user hooks into the fall arrester and is now safely connected to the system. The runner follows the user up and down. In the event of a fall, however, the device locks immediately; an integrated belt fall arrester minimizes the impact forces.


To install the V8, an 8mm stainless steel cable is attached to the top and bottom of the ladder. At the top attachment point, a system energy absorber provides additional protection for the system and ladder. The tensioning device at the lower end of the ladder applies a defined pre-tension to the guide rope. An indicator with color-coded areas shows whether the optimum tension has been reached.


The fall arrester is hooked onto the lower end of the system via a spring lock. Alternatively, the user can hook it onto another part of the rope at any time. To do this, he must open a double safety lock. It prevents unintentional release of the fall arrester from the steel rope. Opening is easy: it can be done with one hand and is no problem even when wearing gloves.



Fig. 1 [download] : A system fall arrester at the upper attachment point protects the climbing system and ladder.


Fig. 2 [download] : An indicator on the tensioning device helps to apply the correct tension to the rope.


Fig. 3 [download] : The mobile fall arrester is suspended via a spring catch.