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Lifting beams for lifting work on nuclear facilities
Axzion certified according to KTA 1401

Axzion GmbH now offers lifting beams and other lifting equipment for the construction and dismantling of nuclear power plants. The company, which has offices in Langenfeld and Neustrelitz, recently provided proof that it meets the safety requirements of the Nuclear Safety Standards Commission (KTA 1401). Axzion is part of the SpanSet Group (Übach-Palenberg).

Following the successful audit in accordance with KTA 1401, Axzion is now participating in tenders for nuclear power plants. "Our trusses prove their reliability in onshore and offshore wind turbines, drilling platforms and other large industrial components," says Managing Director Andreas Höltkemeier. "The KTA certificate opens up access for our company to another highly interesting market." 

Höltkemeier sees great growth potential here. On the one hand, the energy transition in Germany is leading to the dismantling of nuclear, coal and gas-fired power plants in the long term. On the other hand, energy companies are having new plants built in other regions of Europe. In both cases, trusses and other lifting equipment are needed, such as those produced, sold and rented by Axzion. The abbreviation KTA stands for the Nuclear Technical Committee. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the committee defines the safety-related requirements for operators, manufacturers and suppliers of nuclear power plants.

Comprehensive quality concept

Axzion is the first manufacturer specializing in load handling equipment to be awarded the KTA 1401 certificate. It applies to the Langenfeld and Neustrelitz sites. The audit was carried out by Pro Consulting Engineering services on behalf of Preussen Elektra. The prerequisite for an audit according to KTA 1401 is ISO 9001 as basic certification. In addition, Axzion meets the conditions of the EN 1090 and ISO 3834 standards for the manufacture of steel construction products.


A lot of steel, but nothing off the shelf

"The certificates form the pillars of our internal quality management system," explains Höltkemeier. Under the name Quality Seven (Q7), Axzion has set up a seven-point program with which the company monitors and optimizes its own performance throughout: from product development, procurement of materials, drives and control technology to production, testing, documentation and service. "Even though Axzion works a lot with steel, we have virtually nothing off the shelf," says Höltkemeier. More than 80 percent of all products delivered are individual modifications and customized solutions.  

Large portfolio for the energy sector

By now also offering products and services in the environment of nuclear power plants, Axzion rounds off its portfolio for the energy sector. One focus continues to be on custom products and special solutions for the transport and assembly of wind turbines. Among the products frequently used in this environment is the uppending tool for lifting and erecting monopiles. The three-arm grab carries up to 1,500 tons with its six tongs. The basic design of the tool always remains the same; Axzion carries out the project-specific adaptations according to the customer's order. The Neustrelitz site in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is certified by DNV GL (Norway) as a manufacturer of load handling equipment for offshore use.


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Fig.1: "SpanSet Axzion offers the energy industry first-class trusses," says Managing Director Andreas Höltkemeier. "This also applies to the erection and dismantling of nuclear facilities."



Fig.2: The Upending Tool is suitable for lifting and erecting huge monopiles.


Fig.3 and 4: The three-arm grab carries up to 1,500 tons with its six tongs.


Fig.5: More than just decoration for the meeting rooms: confirmation of suitability for quality assurance according to rule

KTA 1401.