The Company

SpanSet GmbH & Co. KG is a production and sales company and in addition to 26 company representative offices in Germany is also responsible for general representative offices in neighbouring countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Austria. Our affiliated companies include SpanSet-secutex GmbH, Axzion-GKS GmbH, ABZ GmbH, Hansa Tec GmbH, Lash+Lift Berlin, Lash+Lift Lübeck Lash+Lift Übach-Palenberg, Lash & Lift Österreich, Schickhoff GmbH, Tul Tec GmbH, KET Komplett Emelés-és (Budapest, HU) and TESORT s.r.o.(Pribam, CZ) .

SpanSet develops and manufactures products for fall protection, lifting and load securing systems from high-strength synthetic fibres.

In the field of safety at work SpanSet is the maker of a wide range of lifting belts, round slings, lashing belts and personal safety equipment to protect against falling (PSEAF) and offers in addition associated services such as competent consulting, training, test and repair services and a special made to order service.


SpanSet maintains a quality assurance system that ensures continuity in further development at all levels of your activities within the meaning of uncompromising TQM. Safety always was and is the top priority at SpanSet.

SpanSet was certified back in 1994 by TÜV Rheinland for running a quality management system complying with DIN ISO 9002/EN 29002. The SpanSet quality management system is currently certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 by TÜV Rheinland.

SpanSet has taken an active part for many years in local and international work on standards and as a rule is clearly ahead the relevant current regulations with regard to its products. The basis for production and sales are the European Directives and the standards and guidelines drawn up within the CEN


SpanSet makes every effort to tackle the challenges of the future through constant innovation, new technologies and new products and to maintain and build upon its position as the leader in this market.