Harness 2Poin

Harness 2Poin

Harnesses for fall arrest and work restraint applications

Item Number: 2018444
SSID ERP Code: HL-2P-05
SpanSet Harness 2 Point, Black
  • Manufactured acccording to EN361
  • Supplied with "Certificate of Conformance" and clear instruction manual
  • Individually serial numbered certification for easy traceability
  • Lightweight Full Body Work Restraint and Fall Arresst Harness
  • Available in Allsize with adjustable stainless buckle for fitting
  • 2 stainless steel D-Ring attachment at Front and rear with highly corrossion resistance for fall arrest and work restraint purpose
  • Contrast colors of webbing and stitFront, easier to inspect

Safe up to 140kg

Worker weigh with full kit and carrying tools

Fall arrest equipment must absorb the fall of the operator together with all his equipment, which is why this equipment is tested for loads up to 140kg.


Strong yet supple polyester web

Adapts to the body shape ensuring the harness is comfortable to wear


Metal rings

The HL-2P harness is the tool of choice for many industrial workers. Light in weight and constructed from high quality webbing, with polished fittings it is comfortable to use, providing security and support when required. The construction includes a stiffened rear triangle for shape and pictorial fitting instructions on the label that combine to make the harness simple to fit. The front and rear attachment points are ideal for work restraint or fall arrest applications and variations are available with additional features such as wear protection on the shoulders for Scaffolders. The 2P is aimed at users of up to 100kg. Larger users should consider the Atlas Harness.

Product Technical Information

  • Weight Net: 1.9 kg
  • Attachment point: 29431 D-Ring 44mm 23kN
  • Norms: EN 361: 2002
  • Lifespan: 10 yr.
  • Harness Webbing Material: Polyester
  • Hardware Material: Stainless Steel
  • Label Protection: Yes
  • Colour: Black
  • Individually Serial Numbered: Yes
  • Individual Certificate: Yes
  • Inspection Guide: Yes
  • Buckle Type: 29433 Harness 3 Bar Buckle 45mm 18kN
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1

Product downloads and manuals

Harness - Instruction Manual
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