Nemag Quick Release Link

Nemag Quick Release Link

Quick and straightforward coupling and uncoupling of grabs on cranes

  • Fitted to Nemag grabs as standard, and is also suitable for grabs from other manufacturers
  • Balanced and perfected to become the most reliable, quickest and safest coupling method for ropes and chains
  • Allows rapid grab changes, boosting crane productivity
  • The contact surfaces of the C-section have been hardened, which considerably lengthens the life span
  • Durable and interchangeable locking piece design ensures consistent performance, even in harsh conditions
  • The ingenious locking piece guarantees maximum safety
  • Regularly checked for quality and safety; available with a 3.2 mark certification upon request

Nemag Quick Release Link — Quick and straightforward coupling and uncoupling of grabs on cranes


Simplicity and Speed

The Quick Release Link is simple to operate, enabling swift opening and closing actions. This feature drastically reduces the time required for grab changes, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

High-Grade Construction

Both the C-section and the locking piece of the Quick Release Link are crafted from high-grade forged steel, refined to tensile strengths of 1000-1100 N/mm² and 800-1000 N/mm², respectively. This robust construction ensures durability and a long service life.

Enhanced Safety

Equipped with a safety lock and a secure closing mechanism, the Quick Release Link is designed to eliminate the risk of accidental unscrewing during operations. Its hardened contact surfaces further contribute to its longevity and consistent performance.

Versatile Load Capacity

The Quick Release Link is engineered to handle a wide range of loads, with a minimal breaking load capacity of 25,000 to 260,000 kg and safe working loads from 3,000 to 42,500 kg, making it suitable for various grabbing operations.

Flexibility in Use

Beyond its primary function, the Quick Release Link also serves effectively as a split link between chains. Its range of sizes ensures the interchangeability of C-sections and locking pieces, offering greater adaptability.

Customized Key

Offers a specially designed key for the Quick Release Link, featuring a hexagonal head that fits the keyhole of the locking piece. This key is designed for ease of use, allowing quick opening or closing with a single movement.

Recommendations for Use

Do not use damaged wire ropes and slings with defects, such as wire breaks, bulges, bruises, kinks, severed core, heavy wear, rust damage or others. Do not exceed the specified load carrying capacity (WLL). Do not strike at a tilt angle exceeding 60°. Do not use wire ropes with broken strands. Do not use in contact with chemicals. Sling ropes may only be used for lifting and transporting loads and only by instructed persons. The regulation on the safe use of cranes (Crane Regulation) must be observed without fail (Suva-Form.1420. d).

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