Nemag Rope Pear Socket

Nemag Rope Pear Socket

Universal fit for steel wire ropes

  • Optimized for smooth passage over cable sheaves, enhancing operational efficiency
  • Outlasts steel wire ropes due to high-grade austenitic manganese steel construction
  • Easy self-installation with a 2-component casting mass for a secure connection.
  • Universally fits all types of steel wire ropes, offering broad application potential
  • Engineered for handling loads from 10,000 to 240,000 kg, suitable for heavy-duty operations
  • Built for repeated use without compromising performance or safety

Nemag Rope Pear Socket — Universal fit for steel wire ropes


Smooth Sheave Compatibility

Excellently designed to pass over cable sheaves, particularly effective when used with the Nemag Quick Release Link.

Superior Lifespan

Outperforms the steel wire rope in longevity, thanks to its construction from high-grade austenitic manganese steel, known for exceptional toughness and wear resistance.

Universal Fit for Steel Wire Ropes

Compatible with all types of steel wire ropes, ensuring a versatile and adaptable solution for various applications.

Effortless and Strong Connection

Can be installed independently using a 2-component casting mass, providing a robust and reliable connection without external help.

High Load Handling Capability

Suitable for minimal breaking loads from 10,000 to 240,000 kg and safe workloads ranging from 1,500 to 42,500 kg, accommodating a broad spectrum of industrial requirements.

Optimized for Trolley and Crane Operations

Ideally suited for passage in trolley or crane sheaves, offering an optimal fit and reduced cable deflection behind the socket.

User-Friendly Design

Emphasizes simplicity, safety, and reliability in its use, enhancing the operational efficiency and safety for users.

Reusable and Durable

Designed for repeated use and maintains its integrity over time, representing a cost-effective and sustainable option.


Recommendations for Use

Do not use damaged wire ropes and slings with defects, such as wire breaks, bulges, bruises, kinks, severed core, heavy wear, rust damage or others. Do not exceed the specified load carrying capacity (WLL). Do not strike at a tilt angle exceeding 60°. Do not use wire ropes with broken strands. Do not use in contact with chemicals. Sling ropes may only be used for lifting and transporting loads and only by instructed persons. The regulation on the safe use of cranes (Crane Regulation) must be observed without fail (Suva-Form.1420. d).

Technical Drawings