PowerStar 4ply with D-links

PowerStar 4ply with D-links

Version with D-link

  • Manufactured in accordance to EN 1492-1 Standard
  • Safety factor 5:1
  • Woven with four-layer PES yarns for increased load capacity
  • Tear-resistant label covered with a protective sleeve
  • D-link attachment simplifies hooking into load lifting gear and crane hooks
  • Sewn patch in signal colour with load capacity indication
  • Equipped with an optional sharp-edge protection sleeve for high-risk, sharp-edge lifting and an RFID transponder for enhanced tracking and identification capabilities

Weaving pattern

Measurable load capacity

With these flat slings you can „measure“ the load capacity. The weaving pattern of the strap changes every 30 mm, and each „strip“ indicates a nominal carrying capacity of 0.5 t per layer, e. g.: 2-ply flat sling, 90 mm wide = 3 x 30 mm x 2 layers = 3 t load capacity


Woven load capacity indicator

Easy to read even when dirty

Speed is often of the essence in everyday work. To make sure you always use the right round sling, the load capacity indicator is firmly woven into the sleeve and can be read even when the sling is very dirty.


Protective sleeve label

Optimally protected, reinforced with a lining

In addition to the tear-resistant design with a fabric lining, a robust plastic sleeve perfectly protects the writing from abrasion and dirt. In lifting gear fitted with an RFID transponder, the transponder is integrated into the protective sleeve and is tear-resistant.


RFID optional

Attachment strap for retrofitting

All SpanSet gear can be fitted with an RFID transponder for asset management with IDXpert.

PowerStar CS — Version with D-link

High Capacity, Slim Design
The PowerStar CS webbing sling, with its four-layer PES yarn construction, offers greater load capacity than standard 1- or 2-ply slings while maintaining a narrow strap width. Suitable for confined spaces and narrow contact points.

Efficiency and Reliability in Operation
Its herringbone weave design ensures a twist-free, smooth, and efficient operation, saving time and enhancing reliability in various lifting scenarios.

RFID and Sharp Edge Protection

Optional RFID chip integration aids in efficient inspections, and the availability of protective sleeves allows for the safe handling of sharp-edged loads.

D-Link Attachments

The inclusion of D-links on PowerStar slings adds to their versatility, making them even more convenient to use. This feature simplifies the process of hooking the sling into load lifting gear or crane hooks, offering an efficient and adaptable solution for various lifting tasks.

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