This versatile winch is bolted or welded to your trucks and trailers so they do not get lost easily.

  • Robust construction
  • Integral lashing device, always at hand
  • Fast and efficient load control
  • Space saving when not in use
  • Available with winch straps

You can easily and quickly secure your cargo with Winch and pegs. When unloading, the belt can be loosened safely with the right wrench. SpanSet also provides a variety of hook tips for use in a variety of applications. If the winch is not used, it can be stored neatly and always ready to be used at any time. All Winches are designed with sturdy construction and equipped with additional equipment for daily work and in rough conditions.

Additional features:

- Available for flat-seat trucks, car carriers, railcars and basic track systems

- Equipped with Tommy Bar and Ratchet Spanner to tighten the Winch

- Available with Capacity up to 10 tons MBS.