Advanced Industrial
Climber Training

This practical basic module is an addition to Module 3 and is intended for those who wish to supervise work on towers, pylons and similar structures.

Upon completion of the course, they should be able to carry out pre-use checks and set up temporary access systems, as well as climb using double legged fall arrest lanyards.

Job training participants will review the requirements for emergency evacuation and rescue planning, using rescue kits.

This is a practical and theoretical enhancement to modules 1 and 3 to allow delegates to move more independently around towers or masts with a more
advanced knowledge of rescue. 


  • The effect of fall factors in an industrial location.
  • The need for careful assessment of the rescue implications prior to commencing the work task.
  • Have an awareness of hazards relating to work at height such as dropped objects, exposure to environmental conditions, etc and the importance of risk assessment prior to commencing the task.


  • The use of double lanyards to climb and traverse around a tower or mast, this will include ascent and descent of a 25m structure.
  • Installation of temporary fall arrest equipment and systems for access on towers and masts.
  • All delegates will be fully conversant with an appropriate rescue system.
  • This will normally include:
       - The use of a self-locking descender to abseil.
       - How to free the casualty from suspension with the minimum exposure to risk.
       - The use of a rescue kit containing a self-locking descender to access a casualty and evacuate them down to safety.

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