Height Safety Equipment
Appreciation and Inspection Training

A basic theory-based module for anyone involved in work at heights using Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE).

This course is designed to provide operators with an understanding of the principles for the selection, use and maintenance of PFPE and related legislation.

This course will also provide supervisors and managers with valuable insight into their staffing requirements while working at height. With all training in height training, elements of theory must be combined with practical sessions.

Module 1 can be combined with a variety of practical Modules to tailor the overall course to your needs


  • Understand the legislation surrounding work at height and how this relates to them.
  • Understand the categories for safe work at height and the potential loads imposed on the equipment used: Work Restraint / Work Position / Fall Arrest
  • Understand equipment standards and how they relate to user demands and their expectations.
  • Be able to carry out and understand the importance of pre use inspections and checks.
  • Understand the importance of mandatory inspection and record keeping by an impartial competent person.
  • Understand the implications of being suspended in a harness and the importance of rescue provision when working at height.
  • Have an awareness of the planning and selection of methods of work at height.
  • Have an understanding of the guidance given in the HSE notice regarding using of harnesses in MEWP’s. (MISC614)
  • Be able to plan and select the correct equipment for a given task.
  • Have an awareness of hazards related to work at height.


  • Each candidate will be expected to fit and adjust a full body harness.
  • Candidates will identify different styles of work at height PPE.
  • Candidates will be expected to identify damage on samples of equipment.


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