Lifting Equipment
Inspection and Record Keeping Training

This program is intended for workers who will be nominated as competent persons to carry out maintenance of personal fall arrest equipment

This training module is a theory and practice improvement from the basis of Module 1


After the program is complete the workers will record simple personal fall protection equipment tests, keep records of the equipment and have knowledge of manufacturing and testing requirements for new equipment.

The trainees should also be assessed by the employer to ensure that they also have the necessary experience and skills


In addition to the theory elements of Safe Lifting Module 1 the following topics will be emphasised.

  • The importance of trace-ability for all lifting equipment.
  • Completing inspection records.
  • Inspecting equipment and recording the findings.
  • Monitoring the continual degradation of items of equipment and assessing the point at which to withdraw items from service.
  • Processes for quarantining equipment.
  • Processes for investigating the effects of contaminants and the details required for returning to service.


  • Legislation governing the inspection of lifting equipment.
  • The requirements and production of an inspection report.
  • Standards and ratings of lifting equipment.
  • Maintenance of lifting accessories.
  • Conducting formal examinations under LOLER on common lifting accessories (slings, shackles, chain slings, wire rope slings, beam clamps, eyebolts, hooks).
  • Common faults with equipment.
  • Follow up procedures after an examination.

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