SpanSet anti-slip mat Grip-G

SpanSet anti-slip mat Grip-G

The use of anti slip matting can help reduce the size and or number of lashings required, potentially making loading and unloading faster

Item Number: 2006046
Anti-slip mat roll L 0.2m B 0.2m H 8mm
Anti-slip mat Grip-G, 200x200x8mm, 0,6 µ, black
  • Complies with VDI 2700 et seq
  • Friction value of 0.6 for the common material combinations
  • A variety of individual sizes are available

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The anti-slip mat made of rubber granules is manufactured in consistently high quality, complies with VDI 2700ff and can be used universally. Friction values of 0.6 and more are achieved for common material combinations and documented by test certificates. During production, rubber granulates of defined quality and size are bonded and processed under pressure to form anti-slip mats. In addition to the standard cuts, customer-specific anti-slip mats can be manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses.


The SpanSet ARM checklist, which is available for you to download free of charge from, contains the points that you must bear in mind when using anti-slip mats.

Product Technical Information

  • Temperature Range: -40° C a + 100° C
  • Colour: Black
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1

Item Number Item Name Weight Net Length Width Thickness
2006046 Anti-slip mat roll L 0.2m B 0.2m H 8mm 0.3 kg 200 200 8
2006047 Anti-slip mat roll L 5m B 0.25m H 8mm 8.2 kg 5000 250 8
SSUK ERP Code: 2026914
Anti-slip mat roll L 13.6m B 0.25m H 3mm 13600 250 3
2028582 Anti-slip mat roll 13.6m B 0.15m H 3mm 13600 150 3