Introducing the Stinger Spike System/Tyre Deflation System....

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  • Available in 3 lengths for all size roadways; 10-ft, 15.5-ft, and 25-ft systems
  • All systems are reusable and field serviceable
  • Hollow spikes allow air to escape at a controlled rate
  • XL 3000 System available with longer spike length for thicker tyres
  • Replacement spikes are available

Stinger Spike Systems

Stinger Spike System allows law enforcement officers to control situations by stopping fleeing vehicles effectively, reliably, and safely. The Stinger Spike System employs high strength, hollow steel spikes that penetrate all types of tyres – including self-sealing and run-flats – and deflate them in a regulated manner. This prevents blowouts, slows the perpetrator’s vehicle to a safer rate of speed, and allows for a controlled stop. Stinger Spike Systems are effective on all vehicles including cars, trucks, and buses.

Safe and Easy to Use

The Stinger Spike System is designed for quick, reliable operation. A simple pull on the handle or a toss is all it takes to position the spikes. The single, accordion-action element deploys almost instantly, giving officers time to take cover. Extra-width road coverage and low visibility minimize avoidance by fleeing suspects. After spiking, a simple yank on the handle quickly retracts the unit, clearing the road for pursuit vehicles and other traffic.

Stinger Models

Standard Stinger Spike Systems are available in three different lengths to handle a variety of situations. The 10-foot Metro model is perfect for narrower urban streets and small country roads. The 15.5-foot Trooper model is wide enough for multi-lane roads and the 25-foot Defender model covers applications such as interstate highways, airport entry gates, military compounds, and security checkpoints.

The Stinger XL models employ a longer spike length designed for penetrating thicker tyres to safely and quickly end pursuits involving large trucks, farm equipment, and military-type vehicles. The Stinger XL models are available in all three lengths.

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Did you know -We also offer training for the police!