Industrial Climbing lanyards

Premium, sleeved loop back lanyards suitable for climbing Towers and Masts.
  • ·Twin legged lanyards suitable for climbing.
  • Tested and certified for use looping the lanyard leg around structural steel on Towers and masts and clipping the leg back into the dedicated eye.
  • Robust double layer construction with additional sleeve reinforcement where the lanyard leg is looped around steel structures.


Elasticated Lanyards

Best-selling lanyards suitable for scaffolding and other industries.
  • Avoid snagging, tangles and trip hazards.
  • Available in single or twin legged versions.
  • Stretch from 1m to 2m.



Adjustable Lanyards

Option available to shorten the lanyard, adapting it to the work situation.
  • Ideal for use in Work Restraint.
  • When used in Fall Arrest, can be shortened to reduce fall distance and improve safety.
  • An adaptable lanyard suitable for a wide variety of trades.



Colour Coded Adjustable Lanyards.

Intuitive, clip back lanyard ideal when working in several different locations.
  • ·Three different (Green, orange and red) adjustment lengths.
  • Popular with Facilities Maintenance engineers working on a wide variety of sites.
  • Available in single or twin versions.



Market Leading, Standard SpanSet Lanyards

The original, industry benchmark lanyard.
  • Robust, double layer construction for durability and tested for resistance to wear when used over an edge.
  • Available in three lengths 1m, 1.5m and 2m.
  • Available in single or twin leg version.