NEW!   DSL3 Fall Arrest Lanyard

Protects with the shortest possible fall distances

Increasing safety margins

In the event of a fall, the DSL3 retractor INSTANTLY engages, retracting the lifeline, significantly shortening the distance the worker falls compared to a traditional fall arrest lanyard.

Single - DSL3>     Twin - DSL3>

Auto shortening lanyard
with a fully certified energy absorber

Can be used anywhere a traditional energy absorbing
fall arrest lanyard can be used.

No additional training required when replacing a traditional fall arrest lanyard.

With the following benefits:

Can be anchored at or below floor level

The DSL3 provides a maximum lanyard working length of 2m. 

Reduce the risk of injury from colliding into nearby hazards

The shorter the fall distance, the lower the acceleration and kinetic energy of the fall.

No trailing lifelines, no trip hazards, no tangles

The retractor unit of the DSL3 ensures the lifeline is neatly stowed away, avoiding trip hazards and potential accidents. 

Safe for workers weighing up to 140kg

What does a worker in full kit and carrying tools weigh?? Take the guess work out with the DSL3 

Ideal for traversing, climbing!

DSL3 Fall Arrest Lanyard is the first equipment to combine an auto shortening lanyard with a fully certified energy absorber.

Neat, compact design – comfortable and unobtrusive to wear all day long

SpanSet’s Height Safety Equipment is designed to work in the real world, not just to comply to standards.

We design equipment your workforce will want to use – safe, practical, intuitive and reliable. The DSL3 is no exception - designed to be fit for purpose. Workers can move freely and in comfort without the retractors flapping about on their back or getting in the way.

Product details

Certified energy absorber

Fully certified to EN355 and CE marked as a 2m fall arrest lanyard.

Dyneema webbing

Highly abrasion and cut resistant. The webbing has been edge tested to demonstrate this to the European Norm.

Load Indicator

This feature helps identify if an accidental loading has been applied to the reactors while in use.

Swivel at the anchor hook 

Ensure it is not possible for the webbing to twist as it retracts into the device. 

Safe whether one or two lanyards are attached!

In stock and available now

Prioritise your workforces’ safety with the NEW DSL3 Fall Arrest lanyard. 

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