DSL3 Fall Arrest Lanyard Twin

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DSL3 Fall Arrest Lanyard Twin

Combine an auto shortening lanyard with a fully certified energy absorber

GBP 324.69

VAT not included

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Item Number: 2025520
DSL3 T HL 2m 1DK2
Twin Auto-Shortening Lanyard with Steel Karabiner
  • Protects with the shortest possible fall distances – increasing safety margins.
  • No trailing lifelines, no trip hazards, no tangles.
  • Can be anchored at or below floor level.
  • Safe for workers weighing up to 140kg.
  • Fully certified to EN355 and CE marked as a 2m fall arrest lanyard.
  • No additional training required when replacing a traditional fall arrest lanyard.
  • Robust, durable construction. Tested over a sharp edge to the European Norm to demonstrate this.

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GBP 324.69

VAT not included

In stock.
Estimated delivery time: 1 to 3 Days


Safe up to 140kg

Worker weigh with full kit and carrying tools

Fall arrest equipment must absorb the fall of the operator together with all his equipment, which is why this equipment is tested for loads up to 140kg.


Dynamic Self Retracting Lanyard

Reduces fall distance & reduces tangles/trip hazards

Achieve the lowest stopping height for places with little space for fall arrest.


Anchored at or below floor level

Maximum lanyard working applications

Safe application even below foor level, allows the user to secure himself at height without compromising his safety.


Published clearance height data

For 80kg, 100kg, 120kg and 140kg workers

Knowing the clearance height allows the user to know the required fall distance for maximum safety.


Reducing fall distance

Reduce the risk of injury from colliding into nearby hazards

The shorter the fall distance, the lower the acceleration and kinetic energy of the fall.

DSL3 Fall Arrest Lanyard

This ensures, in the event of a fall, the distance fallen is a short as possible.  A DSL3 can be used anywhere a traditional energy absorbing fall arrest lanyard can be used – with better safety performance!

Protects with the shortest possible fall distances - increasing safety margins. 

In the event of a fall, the DSL3 retractor INSTANTLY engages, retracting the lifeline, significantly shortening the distance the worker falls compared to a traditional fall arrest lanyard. 

Risk of injury from colliding into nearby hazards is reduced. 

The shorter the fall distance, the lower the acceleration and kinetic energy of the fall.  When the shock absorber deploys to dissipate the energy, even with an anchor point 2m below harness D ring and 140kg worker weight, the shock absorber does not need to fully deploy, reducing the distance fallen still further and reducing the forces exerted by the worker’s safety harness. 

Can be anchored at or below floor level. 

Freedom to move.   The DSL3 provides a maximum lanyard working length of 2m.  If you are using a twin lanyard model to traverse a structure it can also provide the same maximum span a traditional elasticated lanyard would offer.  

Neat, compact and lightweight - comfortable and unobtrusive to wear all day long. 

Workers can move freely and in comfort without the retractors flapping about on their back or getting in the way.  The DSL3 is the lightest lanyard of its kind on the market and its compact ergonomic design ensures it is comfortable to wear all day long. 

Safe whether one or two lanyards are attached – ideal for traversing and climbing. 

The unique construction of the DSL3, with the energy absorber attached to the harness, ensures when a worker is traversing or climbing, whether they have one or both anchor hooks attached to the structure, it is impossible to receive an arrest force of more than 6kN.  Max-Span: Lanyard configuration ensures maximum possible traversing span. 

The brightly coloured orange lanyard web also helps workers to clearly see the lifeline when it is extended and anchored to the structure. 

Robust, durable construction. 

The original DSL were trialled on offshore oil platforms and coal fired power stations, so we are confident in the DSL3’s performance in the harshest of conditions.  The NEW DSL3 is manufactured (in the UK) using stronger, dyneema webbing – highly abrasion and cut resistant. The webbing has been edge tested to demonstrate this to the European Norm. 
Anchor Scaffold hooks are at the business end of things, so they are by far the most susceptible to wear and corrosion.  The high specification, lightweight steel SpanSet scaffold hooks on the DSL3 have been specially coated and 96 hour corrosion tested, far exceeding the European norm and a significant improvement on standard offers available elsewhere. 

No additional training required

Workers involved in Work at Height using Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) should be trained in the safe use of traditional energy absorbing lanyards.

The DSL3 is an energy absorbing fall arrest lanyard, fully certified to and exceeding the requirements of EN355.  It can be used in exactly the same way as a traditional energy absorbing FA lanyard without the requirement for retraining of the workforce – and with an increased margin of safety!   

Straightforward to Inspect 

The DSL lanyard retractor does not require annual servicing. It can be inspected by a competent person on site. Provided the retraction function is clean and operational the device is safe to use. All the energy absorbing protection is provided by the tear webbing pack which can easily be visually inspected.  
Due to the immediate reaction of the device, it is possible to accidentally load the lanyard without fully activating shock absorber.  However, the swivel connection at the end of each lanyard also incorporates a load indicator. This feature helps the worker identify if an accidental loading has been applied to the retractors while in use.  
The DSL lanyard is now labelled with the SpanSet IDX4U QR code to take the end user directly to supporting information including; instruction manual, inspection guide, product certification and more. 

Product Technical Information

  • Harness Connector: 29595 3DK3
  • Norms: EN 355: 2002
  • Lifespan: 10 yr.
  • Energy Absorbing: Yes
  • Label Protection: Yes
  • Colour: orange
  • Main Material: High molecular weight polyethylene (HMPE)
  • Individually Serial Numbered: Yes
  • Individual Certificate: Yes
  • Inspection Guide: Yes
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1
  • Dimension L: 2 m

Product downloads and manuals

DSL3 - User Manual
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DSL3 Brochure
DSL3 UKCA Type Certificate
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DSL3 EU Type Certificate
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Technical Drawings

Item Number Item Name Anchor Connector
2025520 DSL3 T HL 2m 1DK2 Twistlock Carabiner
2025521 DSL3 T HL 2m 1RH2 Steel Rebar Hook EN Double
2025522 DSL3 T HL 2m 3CK2 Aluminium Captive EN Double
2025523 DSL3 T HL 2m 3RH2A Rebar Hook ANSI Double