FAQ - How do I know what size of harness I need?

Our Height Safety Product Manager, Rob Hinton has this advice.

Harness sizing is similar to buying clothes or shoes, the size on the label is really only a guide and it is always the case that you really need to try on an item to see how it fits your particular body shape.

Fortunately, with our safety harnesses there are just the two sizes to choose from “Standard” or “Extra Large”.

The real dimensions that are important to how are harness fits, is the size of a person’s torso – but nobody really knows this dimension.

The guide that I always use when advising a customer is to consider height and body weight (we all generally have a pretty good idea of our weight and height).

My ‘rough’ guide would be that 190cm tall and 100kg is the cross over point between a ‘Standard’ size harness and ‘Extra Large’ size harness.  (However, as I said before this is not perfect as body shape plays a part).


For additional guidance I’ve indicated below the approximate maximum adjustments for the webbing straps on our harness. 


All our harness for 140kgs'.