FAQ's - Renewables

Q. What is the relationship between SpanSet UK and Axzion?

Based in Germany, Axzion design and fabricate sophisticated heavy lifting equipment including motorised hydraulic spreader beams, with particular focus on the Wind Industry.  Axzion are part of the SpanSet Group family of companies.  Here in the UK, we work closely in partnership with Axzion, supporting customers in the UK and Ireland with access to Axzion Lifting products and services, including spares, maintenance and inspection.


Q. Is Axzion equipment available to rent in the UK through SpanSet UK?

Yes. It is possible to rent everything from a repowering kit to a 1000 tonne modular spreader beam. Rentals are available from one week to many months.



Q. Do Axzion provide a simple solution to lifting tapered wind turbine tower sections?

Yes. The multiple sections of a Wind turbine tower have differing diameters from 3m to 8m.  The patented Tower Attachment Point (TAP) (allows the simplified lifting of tower sections with multiple diameters). The TAP is lightweight and straightforward to use compared to other products on the market.  Its universal nature means it can be used to lift tower segments with many varied diameters. 

Axzion Tap 

Q. Do you have a solution for upending tower segments without damaging the flange?

Yes. The patented Axzion Vario J hook allows a tower segment which is lying horizontally to be lifted into the vertical without damaging the flange.  Careful handling is critical to ensure a precise fitting of the segments. 

Axzion Vario J Hook - Upending tower segments requires careful, precision handling.

Q. What lifting products do SpanSet offer which are useful for operation and maintenance of wind farms?

SpanSet design and manufacture a wide range of Lifting and Height safety products. Examples include:
  • Safe Lifting Kit – our unique and ever popular Safe Lift Kit allows workers to transport small, mixed loads to the top of turbines safely.  The SLK features an auto lock function, protecting workers and equipment below the bag should the person pulling the lifting rope accidentally let go.  Available in different heights from 50m to 180m, cost effective and lightweight.
  • Grabba Bag – ideal when used in conjunction with the SLK, the unique grabba bag is waterproof, has a secure closure and is certified for lifting.  Can be used in a ‘daisy chain’, lifting with one bag under another.
  • Repowering Kit – contains everything you need for upending the tower section apart from the crane! Vario J Hook, Vario TAP’s, shackles, slings and pulleys.

Repowering Kit



Q. Do SpanSet offer IRATA Training?

Yes. SpanSet has been successfull proving IRATA training for over 20 years and is a fully accredited member of the Association as both an equipment supplier and training provider.

Q. Which SpanSet lanyards are best suited for working on wind turbines?

SpanSet have manufactured high quality, performance fall arrest lanyards for over 25 years.   
The SP140 is popular with technicians working on wind turbines as the compact energy absorber configuration allows maximum reach with the lanyard legs, the compact design is also ideal for working within the confined spaces of wind turbines.  It is also safe for workers weighing up to 140kg when kitted up.
Ever innovating, SpanSet have combined the best features of both Fall Arrest Blocks and Energy Absorbing Lanyards to develop the DSL2.  Ideal in situations where there is low clearance and a lack of overhead anchorages.   
Why compromise on workforce safety when SpanSet’s DSL2, unlike anything else on the market, offers all the following? 
  • Safe for workers weighing up to 140Kg 
  • Can be anchored at or below foot level in single or double configurations.   
  • Safe whether one or two lanyards are attached
  • Designed and tested as a twin unit for 100% attachment while traversing and climbing 
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable to use all day 
  • Durable and competitively priced. 


The compact design of the SP140 energy absorbing lanyard is ideal for working within the confined space of a wind turbine.

SpanSet's DSL2 - ideal for situations where there is low clearance and a lack of overhead anchorages.

Axzion Heavy Lifting 

Axzion Upending Tool - 'the largest grab in the world'.

Axzion SBI Traverse

Axzion Vario Beam