Rescue - Why SpanSet developed the Gotcha

The use of harnesses and lanyards as a means of protection for workers at height is now commonplace.  However, not all users are aware of the effects that suspension in a harness can cause.

The effects are known as ‘suspension trauma’ and are a result of the restriction the harness causes to the wearers mobility (or movement) and circulation.  The consequences and timescales of the effects vary greatly depending upon the individual. What does not change is the fact that an adequate rescue plan is essential - Suspension Trauma can kill! 

Having identified the issue we can now look at the solutions. A rescue plan should be safe for both the rescuer and casualty, efficient so that suspension time is kept to a minimum and understood by all concerned. It is generally considered that reliance upon the emergency services is not a first line of response and in many cases without careful consultation you may find that they do not have the capability that you require.

In many cases the rescue plan will be to utilise other resources from the workplace, an example being the use of a MEWP. However in a great many cases this will not be possible and a specific rescue kit will be required.

This is why SpanSet developed the Gotcha Kit –
  • It allows a fellow worker or rescuer to recover the casualty.
  • Once attached the kit allows the casualty to be raised or lowered to a point of safety.
  • The rescuer is able to carry out all this from a point of safety, without the need to descend or climb down to the casualty.
  • No critical time is lost waiting for the emergency services.
  • It is a first line of response controlled on-site, but also one that will not rule out assistance from the emergency services if available.
  • It only requires the casualties’ original harness and anchor point, so the responsibility placed on the rescuer is kept to a minimum.
  • The Gotcha kit is fully tested to European standards and additionally as with all SpanSet rescue kits it is individually proof tested prior to despatch.
  • Training for staff is vital to ensure that if required the whole plan comes together and

SpanSet offer training courses as a key part of their service. The courses are quality assured to ISO9001 and can be carried out at the Spanset height safety training school in Middlewich or on-site subject to a suitable location.  View our range of courses here

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