EUSR – Utilities Safety Health Environmental Awareness (Network & Telecoms)


The minimum entry requirement is a good understanding of spoken and written English.



The SHEA Gas scheme comprises of nine modules.

The content is reviewed periodically and consists of Six (6) ‘’core’’ training modules and a further Three (3) modules specific to the Gas Utilities industry.

  • Module 1: Understanding our workplace responsibilities (CORE)
  • Module 2: Understanding the effects of our work on the working environment (CORE)
  • Module 3: Identifying and controlling risks (CORE)
  • Module 4: Common hazards in the workplace (CORE)
  • Module 5: Highway working and excavations (Gas Specific)
  • Module 6: Pressure regulating installations (Gas Specific)
  • Module 7: Safety in premises (Gas Specific)
  • Module 8: Occupational health hazards (CORE)
  • Module 9: Responding to emergencies (CORE)


The programme content and scheme specification have been developed through consultation with the Gas industry. It is designed to provide evidence that an individual has demonstrated an appropriate level of knowledge, understanding and behavioural awareness.


Nine written assessments are carried out, one for each training module. Attendees must be present in all training modules and assessments must be completed successfully to obtain a PASS grade.