ERGO Web Elasticated - Single

ERGO Web Elasticated - Single

Fall arrest energy absorbing elasticated web lanyard

Item Number: 2024901
SSAUS ERP Code: 3053E-0x1.5
  • Elasticated length webbing - other lengths available.
  • High tensile polyester elasticated webbing.
  • High tensile contrasting stitching.
  • Zinc plated hardened alloy steel fittings.
  • Tear web energy absorber with clear sleeve to allow inspection.

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Elasticated webbing

Reduces risk of entanglement

Elastic webbing is automatically retracted so as not to interfere with the user.


Corrosion Resistance

Zinc Plated

Connectors and fittings are made of zinc plated hardened alloy steel and offer high corrosion resistance and easy adjustment.


Label Protection

Label with additional protective foil


Individual Serial Number

Clear and standard-compliant labelling with traceability code

SpanSet Ergo Elasticated - Energy absorbing lanyards

Designed to minimise the forces endured by an operator should a fall occur.

  • Elasticated reduces lanyard entanglement and easier operator use.
  • Single lanyard suits general purpose applications.
  • Back up straps should the tear web be fully deployed and all are certified to AS1891.5:2020.
  • Heavy duty, alloy steel, corrosion resistant components.
  • High tenacity polyester webbing they offer outstanding safety and value.

Product Technical Information

  • Anchor Connector: 31822 H1-1
  • Harness Connector: 31822 H1-1
  • Standards: AS/NZS 1891.5:2020
  • Lifespan: 10 yr.
  • Energy Absorbing: Yes
  • Lanyard Leg Type: Single Leg Elasticated
  • Maximum User Weight: 140 kg
  • Hardware Material: Zinc Plated Hardened Alloy Steel
  • Label Protection: Yes
  • Colour: orange
  • Main Material: High Tensile Polyester
  • Individually Serial Numbered: Yes
  • Individual Certificate: Yes
  • Inspection Guide: Yes
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1
  • Packaging Type: Drawstring bag

Product downloads and manuals

Height Safety User Manual
Height Safety Product Selection Guide
Fall Clearance distance

Item Number Item Name Weight Net Length
SSAUS ERP Code: 3053E-0x1.5
3053E-0x1.5 1.09 kg 1.5 m
SSAUS ERP Code: 3053E-0x1.4
3053E-0x1.4 1.09 kg 1.4 m
SSAUS ERP Code: 3053E-0x1.3
3053E-0x1.3 1.08 kg 1.3 m
SSAUS ERP Code: 3053E-0x1.2
3053E-0x1.2 1.06 kg 1.2 m
SSAUS ERP Code: 3053E-0x1.8
3053E-0x1.8 1.16 kg 1.8 m
SSAUS ERP Code: 3053E-0x2.0
3053E-0x2.0 1.12 kg 2 m